Contemporary Barbershop & Classic Watering Hole
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Live Music at both locations! Open Mic Night, Karaoke
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Premium Men's Barbershop: Haircuts and Hot Lather Shaves
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New! Mooresville, NC's newest neighborhood pub is NOW OPEN!
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Huntersville, NC's premium neighborhood pub for guys & gals
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Huntersville, NC's premium neighborhood pub for guys & gals
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Huntersville, NC's premium neighborhood pub for guys & gals
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Huntersville, NC's premium neighborhood pub for guys & gals
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Jenny's blog the kilted buffalo pub and barbershop

Jenny's Blog

Jenny Monnin is the chief stylist and manager of The Kilted Buffalo Men's Salon. She has years of experience in the business and is always doing things to improve your experience at TKB. You can read about what she and the rest of the Salon is up to here on her blog.

To Color or Not To Color

To Color or Not To Color...that's the question some of you guys may be struggling with. Maybe I can help you with that decision. For many guys, seeing those first few grays pop up can be an awakening moment. Some of you may have seen gray hair appear as early as your teens.

First, a few facts on gray hair....

Initially, everyones hair is white....cells in our hair follicles called melanocytes generate pigments, the main one being melanin, this gives us our color. The more melanin we have, the darker our hair color.

We can thank our parents for our gray hair color. It is heredity, for the most part, that determines when we will start turning gray. I know I would like to have blamed my children! Sorry, not their fault! Another false idea is that if you pull out those gray hairs, two more will appear...not true. You can however get gray hair from a medical condition, a B-12 deficient or a thyroid imbalance can contribute to your gray hair. For you smokers out are can have 4 x's more gray and hair loss than a non-smoker. Everyones chances of going gray increase 10 - 20% every decade after 30 years old. is hair color one of those options you have been thinking about? It is a safe, easy way to turn back time. Our Men's Color from Paul Mitchell is so easy and guy friendly! It takes 10 minutes, it blends the gray away (meaning you will still see some gray) and gives a more youthful fresh look. I promise you won't leave here looking like you have shoe polish on your head or appearing in a Las Vegas act!

One more thing to think's hair color profits increased last year more than womens. They believe the reason is more men are out there in the job market competing with younger men for employment. They want to look more youthful and energetic.

If you want to discuss haircolor more with myself you can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ask any one of our talented stylist.

Guys, gray hair can look very anything else, it is how it makes you feel. Some thin guys are ok with being thin, and some will hit the gym to add muscle..makes them feel more confident. Some guys are perfectly ok with going bald...some, not so much. I think you get my what makes you feel good in your own skin. If you decide you want to try the 10 minute color, mention this article, and your first color will be only $10! I promise it will be fun and painless!

You Want a Great Haircut

Jenny, Jenny..who do I turn to?

Sound familiar? Ok it's an oldie but goodie, but believe it or not I hear this statement so much in our Men's salon! Coming from owning my own salon in Ohio and approximately 25% of my business coming from men's haircuts and color I never realized how much a good haircut means to you guys! I know that sounds crazy, of course you want a great haircut, but you must go through alot to find a stylist that can do just that....a great haircut!

My clients at the buffalo, upon their first visit, would tell me..."I have been searching for someone that can cut my hair." I would say to them..."Seriously"!

You guys can relax knowing that when you come to The Kilted Buffalo for the first time, you are going to get that great cut. You will get a great cut consistently too, because that has been my goal from day one of managing and cutting hair here at The Kilted Buffalo.

It's not rocket science to cut hair, but it does take a special, committed stylist to stick with it and perfect her skills over time, its her career, not a part-time job. Your stylist needs to build a relationship with you, where you can tell her what you want, and help her acheive that cut each time you get a haircut. You need to give her more than one chance too, Rome wasn't built in a day! Your stylist will not take it personal either, when you tell her on your second visit..a little less off, or more off the top this time...we want satisfied customers!

Hopefully, when you are ready to try a new stylist, and you have exhausted all of those places that give you that 12 minute haircut, you will come in and give myself or one of my other talented stylist a chance to show you that getting a great haircut should be relaxing, fun and satisfying. See you soon!

Next month...check out "To Color or Not to Color...that's the question!"

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2016 Small Business of the Year

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The Kilted Buffalo, LLC, with locations in Birkdale Village and Langtree at the Lake, was recognized by the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce Friday, May 6th as the 2016 Small Business of the Year.

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Huntersville Location

The Kilted Buffalo Pub in Huntersville, NC has lots of fun and festivities for guys and gals! Come by and watch your favorite teams play, enjoy live music, play pub games, or grab a drink.

We are open 7 days a week, so stop in and see us. There is always a good reason to come to the Kilted Buffalo Pub and Barbershop.

Check out our Special Offers on the Pub page to see our daily drink specials and discounts.

Langtree Location

The Kilted Buffalo Langtree is now open for business. Come and visit our newest location today!

Check out our Special Offers on the Pub page to see our daily drink specials and discounts.